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Fish ID 2

If you compare the appearance of a fish with its behaviour and habitat you'll realize that there is a clear connection - the look is merely an adaptation to the surroundings. Combined it's another key to identification. Here are some very, very general rules of thumb.

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Fins are used primarily for purposes of balance and propulsion and finely tuned motions.

In general, slow fish have large fins for manoeuvring and fast fish have small fins to lessen water resistance.

Fast fish are often torpedo-shaped and, therefore, likely to be carnivorous predators.

Bottom-dwellers are flat, compressed or snake-like.

Fish that live in confined spaces like f.inst. caves are often slow with larger fins.

Fish spending most of their time close to the surface are often silver in colour.

In deeper waters or in caves you'll most often find either dark or red colours (which disappear quickly anyway).



Often species in deeper or dark waters have large eyes.

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