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Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles, The Caribbean, October 2003

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On our way
We had six hours to spend at Shiphol in Amsterdam a dreary and grey day in October 2003. It was only six degrees outside, so instead of taking a trip into City and risk catching a cold we decided to stay put. Boring – but at least McDonald’s was open and we had some good books with us.

At last we were on the plane from Amsterdam to the Caribbean, i.e. the plane actually goes to Ecuador but lands midway at about 4:30 in the morning on the small island of Bonaire, part of the Netherlands or Dutch Antilles.

Blessed warmth
It was pitch dark but we could hear the ocean. Straight to bed but the following morning, lo and behold: Sea view and 35 degrees bid us good morning. Things started to look really well.

The Regulars
We sat on the terrace for about five seconds looking perhaps a bit worn out but were immediately offered fresh coffee by Bernie, an Englishman, and Uwe, a German, who were to accompany us on many a dive in the following weeks.

Both Bernie and Uwe had been to Bonaire a number of times before and were a wealth of information about where to find the best supermarket, where to buy more beers for less, which places to go to for dinner, and, of course, where to dive and what to expect.


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