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Life Underwater

Hexacorallians of the World Site devoted entirely to sea anemones, corals and their allies. Very scientific ;-)
MarLIN: The Marine Life Information Network for Britain & Ireland UK marine biological site with searchable database and lots of reports on marine life.
Fishbase Huge online database, where you can find almost all species of fish. Includes access to Eschmeyer's base.
The Sea Slug Forum Sea slugs are colourful and pretty. Chances are that if you've seen one you'll be able to find on this site. Requires Latin approach but also lots of links to similar sites.
Marine Flatworms of the World Less comprehensive than the Sea Slug Forum but easier to get around.
CephBase Site dedicated to cephalapods (octopusses, squids, cuttlefish, etc.). More species descriptions than the site below, Cephalapod Research.
Cephalapod Research About cephalapods - less comprehensive but very good on behaviour.
Encyclopedia of Marine Life of Britain and Ireland Comprehensive descriptions and photos of life below the surface  around the British Isles (and it isn't that far from Denmark).

Seahorse and Sea Dragon Central

Guides, articles and facts about seahorses and sea dragons. And - believe it or not - songs and poems about the dear critters.
Florida Museum of Natural History Ichthyology Department Huge central for everything below the surface incl. large section on sharks (annual reports on shark attacks, and lots more).
Elasmoworld All you ever wanted to know about sharks, rays, skates, and chimerras.
Hammerhead Shark And all you ever wanted to know about hammerhead sharks.
Cone shells Australian scientific site on cone shells. Very comprehensive on behaviour.



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