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  We started diving together in the summer of 1999 prior to our trip to Panglao Island in the Philippines - though not as buddies until a couple of years later. Lene already had a good deal of diving experience at the time, and I just tagged along with the big boys and girls trying to keep up... and be cool.

On our first trips together as a dive club group to Panglao and a year later on a safari tour of the Red Sea's deep south I for one was happy just to be in warm waters.

Back from night diving. Panglao 1999
  Eager to go deep, happy to glide along steep walls peering into the blue for jacks and sharks or to marvel at the sheer amount of fishes in the shallows.

However, the trip to the Manado-Bunaken Marine Park in Indonesia in 2001 broadened our way of seeing things underwater. The fantastic guides at Eco Divers were true masters at locating and pointing out extremely well camouflaged fishes and crustaceans of all sorts, and to point out behavioural patterns as well as interaction between species. We found ourselves slowing considerably down and hovering for long periods of time - observing rather than waiting to be entertained.

Apart from experience, patience and knowledge, of course, it's not least a matter of interest. We still get a kick out of gliding along steep walls and peering into the blue but we're equally happy to spend a whole dive watching two male wrasses biting the jaws off each other in a territorial dispute.

We've had many great moments below the surface - with or without cameras. From terrific wreck diving at Langeland (Denmark) to many hours spent at our local, very unique site at Helsingør (now sadly closed for diving). Our dives with hundreds and hundreds of barracudas at Nabucco, the synchronized dance of the Atlantic oval squids at Bonaire, the weird and mystic world of Lembeh Strait, the hammerheads at Elphinstone in the Red Sea. And...

Not all great moments have been freeze framed but all remain in our memories. Some on this site include the sardin dive at Cabilao (Panglao), the manta ray and barracuda dives (Nabucco), the entire Derawan experience, the hunting trevallies and the dance of the seven oval squids (Bonaire), the munching cuttlefish and the mating nudibranchs (Red Sea Deep South), etc. etc.