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Quite a lot of underwater video footage is stashed away in our archives. No-one would survive total exposure of it all but we've had some wonderful encounters over the years that we would love to share. Most of these videos are embedded via YouTube and you can find them there as well. Click here or enter the channel "claus gregersen" on YouTube.

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8 mins 10 sec of Red Sea HD uw misc.
August 2011  (8:10) Green turtle at Marsa Abu Dabab, Red Sea
The Greedy Frogfish
September 2010  (1:28) The greedy Hairy Frogfish of Lembeh Strait
Full HD underwater video from the Red Sea taken on the reefs around Marsa Shagra in the Marsa Alam area.

And it's got a nice soundtrack in the shape of a Kitaro piece called "Chant from the Heart" from his Mandala album.

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Still Life Gallery

We were just about to leave 'cause we really didn't think that this Garfield of a Hairy frogfish would attempt a Soldierfish its own size. But Lembeh Straits is full of surprises ...

Shot on a night dive at Aer Parang in Lembeh Straits, North Sulawesi in Indonesia.

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Still Life Gallery

Best of Cephalopods
2001-05  (5:28) Best of Cephalopods (squids, cuttlefish and octopusses)
Big Fish Country: Barracudas
September 2002  (3:11) Big Fish Country: Barracudas
The dancing Atlantic oval squids, the fusilier munch-ing baby cuttlefish, the reef octopus on the hunt, the courting reef squids... Wonderful creatures, Cephalopods, and they're all here. Enjoy :-)

Contains clips from Bonaire (Caribbean), the Red Sea (Egypt) and Manado-Bunaken (Indonesia).
"Do you want barracudas", our dive guide asked? "I'll give you barracudas." And then he started waving his hook to conjure up thousands of the striped predators. And he did it! Shot a Big Fish Country (Nacha), Nabucco Island, Indonesia.

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Dive Mikindani Tanzania
November 2005  (5:42) Dive Mikindani, Tanzania

Coral Spawning Manado
October 2001  (2:55)
Coral Spawning Manado
Footage from the dive sites of Mikindani Bay, Mtwara province of Southern Tanzania. We wanted to try out something else other than the obvious Zanzibar. And we weren't disappointed at all although viz was at an all time low... Excellent and dramatic sites and very diversified marine life.

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Sequence of a Porites hard coral spawning taken at Circus Critter, Manado in North Sulawesi, Indonesia. We were just about to end our dive due to the bad viz when we found out that the entire coral formation was indeed spawning, and we were right in the middle of it...

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Dive Panglao Philippines
September 1999  (6:49)
Dive Panglao Philippines
The Manta Rays of Sangalaki
September 2002  (5:05)
The Manta Rays of Sangalaki
From our trip to the walls and reefs of Panglao Island in the Visayas region of the Philippines. From here we had easy access to world class diving at Cabilao, Snake Island, Caseres, Balicasag and not least Pamilacan.

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Still Life Gallery
Off the tiny island of Sangalaki in Indonesia you'll be met by a manta ray extravaganza every day of the year - including the rare black belly ones. Here's a 5 minute medley of our five dives and an extended snorkelling trip. Enjoy! We certainly did :-)

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