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North Sumatra
  Bukit Lawang Trust Fund
Eye witness accounts from the flash flood
  of 2003 at Bukit Lawang (PDF)
Presevation of Sumatra's rain forests
Volcanoes of Indonesia

Central/East Java
The 2006 Java earthquake
Official website of Borobudur and Prambanan
Smithsonian Global Volcanism Program

South Sulawesi
All things Tana Toraja - local ressource

The history of the Pinisi

Komodo National Park
Divers lost at Tatawa off Rinca in 2008:
  Link to CNN and Link to NBC
Komodo dragons kill Indonesian fisherman

Indonesia Matters: The link directs to Blog on Lombok Sasak music

Countries and Their Cultures: Sasak history

Aftermath of the 2002 Bali bomb

The Diverse Coffees of Indonesia

Bhinneka tunggal ika
Indonesia's national motto means "many, yet one" and refers to the diversity that shapes this vast and exciting country.

Indonesia's democratic transformation, known as Reformasi, began in 1998 and led to direct elections for national parliament in 2004. It's a long and interesting story but not here.

Internet Resources
Today there are so many resources on Indonesia on the Internet that it would be silly to repeat all the facts here.

Try out these sites for starters:
Wikipedia on Indonesia
Indonesia Tourism
My Indonesia
Inside Indonesia

Place Name Changes
A's and e's get lost sometimes. Place names like Sumatera becomes Sumatra, Parapat becomes Prapat - also in official documents and both spellings are valid.

The Reformasi process also did away with place name changes from 1971 and reverted to the old ones. This is a.o. why Jogjakarta again is spelled with j's instead of y's, and why Ujung Pandang again is Makassar.



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