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Currents and Counter Currents

Kamil and Kirsten passing by

We knew that some of our dives might be a bit demanding. Most were wall dives where only a ledge at 35-50 m separated us from the bottom more than 200-1500 m further down. And most dives were drift dives.

Drift Away
Sometimes we drifted slowly along a wall at 35 m, went up to 20 m and the current would take us in the opposite direction. At 10 m we were yet again forced to turn around. But one or two fin kicks kept us in the same place with amble time to study yet another weird underwater creature.

At other times we covered considerable distances, in fact, even the dive boat had trouble finding us again.

Trust the Fish
You can often tell which way the current goes by looking at f.inst. small schooling fish as they usually have their heads turned into the current. But not always...

We had a couple of dives where currents, eddies and vortexes even made the fish so confused that they didnít know which way to turn. One of our fellow divers, Poul,  suddenly found himself in front of our group rather than at the end as he was gently swept past us by an eddy. Very entertaining, indeed.

To the Extreme
Currents are always an integral part of diving in Indonesia and most certainly part of the reason for the great bio diversity.

Our dive briefings always included a bit about the current but usually we didn't know for sure which way to dive until we descended. But on most of our dives we worked with the currents instead of against them (a lost battle anyway). One notable deviation was our dive at Sahaung at Bangka Island.

Poul after the eddy

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