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The Circus Critter House Reef

Our dive days usually went by with two dives in the Bunaken Marine Park and a third dive on the outer house reef at Tasik Ria, Circus Critter. We did seven dives there and became really fond of the reef.

Circus Critter was situated on a prolonged uprising in the sea bed with a maximum depth of some 20 m but we rarely went deeper than 12 m.

Cuttlefish Encounters
On every dive we had the pleasure of cuttlefish, and during one dive we hovered for almost half an hour watching no less than five cuttlefish in some form of interaction.

Circus Critter had ribbon morays, pipefish, stingrays, sea snakes, turtles, octopus, cuttlefish, lionfish, scorpionfish and loads of reef fish in all shapes and sized.


Porites Coral Spawning
At the end of one of our dives we passed a really large porites hard coral. Suddenly the visibility became rather bad, and the others hurried to the anchor line to finish the dive. Initially we weren’t impressed either until we realized: The coral was spawning.

Apart from a quick notion as to what we were diving in it was a fantastic experience, the cream on the pie – so to speak – to an already terrific dive.

Sundown at the Jetty Bar
After three quite often mind-blowing dives there was no better way to finish off the day than watching the sun go down by the Jetty Bar overlooking Manado Bay. Or to enjoy a cool Bir Bintang at the swim up-bar in Tasik Ria's beautiful free form swimming pool. Isn't diving great!

The sheltered harbour at Tasik Ria

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