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From the logbook

  Memories for Life

Bunaken Island, Mandolin Point
29th September 2001
Wall dive. Quite a few lobsters. Tiny crabs on the back of sea anemones with clownfish. Black corals and practically every species of fan coral including some really huge ones. At safety stop first a good sized turtle, a white tip reef shark and then four black tips. Visibility hampered a bit by lots of fluff.

Tasik Ria, Circus Critter
3rd October 2001
One fin kick a minute. The fish didn’t seem scared at all but allowed us to get really close. Came upon a cuttlefish and lay still for almost half an hour watching colour changes and what looked like territorial strife (but probably wasn’t). At first we watched a tiny cuttlefish being chased away by a larger one who in turn was chased away by an even larger one until we had five of them chasing each other. Excellent stuff.

Lembeh Strait, Hair Ball II
4th October 2001
Totally surreal dive. Flying gurnards, cockatoo wasps, pygmy seahorses, frogfish, scorpionfish and a whole range of weird stuff I can’t find in any of the books. Bad visibility (7-8 m) and black sandy bottom. Really, really cool :-)

Bunaken-Manado is quite simply a stroke of genius for divers and doesn’t come higher recommended. A non-diver amongst divers should take heave – unless you consider doing your open water training there.

Tasik Ria is situated some 15 minutes from Manado proper, a city full of contrast and not very many tourists, which is a plus in my book.

Mangroves and Black Sand
North Sulawesi doesn’t have wonderful, bounty-like beaches but rather mangroves or rocky black lava sandy beaches. On the other hand you’ll find a lush and plentiful nature, a smiling and helpful people… and memories to last a lifetime.

When the rain comes - it really comes...

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