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Crypto Mania

Crypto Mania is diametrically opposed to The Monoliths. The site is situated in the narrow inlet to Mtwara Harbour and consists mainly of sandy bottom with small coral patches, scattered rocks and sporadic sea grass. Maximum depth was about 15 metres quite suitable for the third dive of the day.

We started by examining a small, hollow rock, which had just enough room for a Peppered moray and a Stonefish side by side. That set the pace for the rest of the dive.

Catfish, Crypto Mania

Martin wanted to show us a rock formation with a small cavern that usually housed a pair of yellow Leaf scorpionfish. He stuck his head inside and the Leaf scorpionfish saw fit to hop outside where they sat very still waving back and forth in the current.

In front of the cavern was a flock of seven baby Volitans lionfish and a bit further away an African lionfish.

On the same dive we found a crocodilefish, loads of different pipefishes, a seamoth and some really good-looking nudibranchs including Halgarda sp. and Nembrotha sp. And one we thought to be a Glossodoris symmetricus although this one had white rhinophores instead of red/orange ones.

Sophie, Lene, Ingeborg and Mikkel by the Baobab on the hill

According to those who know, even slight colour variations in this species usually turn out to be a new species when disected, so Martin has added this to his list of potentially new species to be examined more closely. Exciting.

75 minutes later we surfaced contented and very happy.

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